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Fundraising is very important to our growth and our success as a county party. We have important races coming up this year.

It is critical that we fund our PAC for the next election cycle. That’s why we are rolling out the “24x24” fundraising campaign.


Our PAC can donate to state and local campaigns up to $26,000 each. We could help fund six state and local campaigns if we raise $150,000.

If even one in ten registered Republicans in Santa Fe County donates $100 this year, we will hit this goal. That’s about $8 a month, or $24 per quarter.


 $8.00 = one burrito

 $24.00 = burger fries & a shake at 5 Guys

 $48.00 = lunch with a friend

 $96.00 = dinner for two


Please consider making a one-time or recurring donation to the Republican Party of Santa Fe County. If you are able, donate double, and pick up the tab for someone else who may be hurting in this inflationary economy.


We have already cut administrative expenses so that we can fund our Political Action Committee. In 2023 we :


  • Eliminated office space saving rent and utilities

  • Switched to Google Phone with no phone bill

  • Volunteers creating web and social media content


Our freedoms are on the line. The situation is critical. Please donate today.

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